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Is there a difference between title companies? Yes!

Crossroads Title Company, LLC does the little, difficult things, which often go unnoticed, but are vital to ensure that all of our customer's transactions are closed correctly and that the title to their property is perfect.  Any company can handle closings and insure title.  Knowing and understanding the consequences of improper closing and title procedures separates us from our competition.  Our staff possesses the knowledge and experience, unmatched in our market, to properly handle all types of real estate transactions.

What does quality service from a title company mean to you? 

Crossroads Title Company, LLC defines quality service as doing all the things necessary in closing real estate transactions and insuring title to exceed the expectations of our customers.


Buyers and sellers MUST bring a valid photo identification card to closing. 

Buyers MUST bring GOOD FUNDS to closing.

Good funds include cashiers checks and wired funds.

These are NOT good funds: Personal checks, Money market/Brokerage account checks, Industrial bank checks, Money Orders.

Sean Dunne and Christopher Hughes have over 30 Years combined experience in Residential Real Estate including but not limited to Sales, Valuation Services, & Title Services.